Leiden Asia Week: Cong Binh - The Lost Fighters Of Vietnam  te zien in Leiden

Leiden Asia Week: Cong Binh - The Lost Fighters Of Vietnam

    Three incredible documentaries from Asia to mark the Leiden Asia Week! Multiple award-winning films that explore struggle, sacrifice and activism.

    On the eve of the Second World War, twenty thousand Vietnamese people were recruited in French Indochina and were forced towork in French weapon factories to stand in for workers who had been sent to fight the Germans. Mistaken for soldiers, they were forced to remain in France after the defeat in 1940; during the Occupation, these workers –called “Cong Binh” – were left at the mercy of the Germans and lived like pariahs. Wrongly accused of betraying their native Vietnam, they were in reality followers of Ho Chi Minh and were rooting forIndependence in 1945.The film follows around two dozen survivors in Vietnam andFrance. Five of them died during the editing of the film. This is a page from the history of France and Vietnam which has shamefully been erased from collective memory.

    Lâm Lê


    Special, Documentaire, Biografie, Historisch

    118 minuten

    Gesproken taal
    French, Vietnamese

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