As programmers, sometimes we agree to disagree on each other’s tastes, but these films are not to be missed.

The films selected for this section by the LISFE programmers:

A Nice Place to Stop (Michel): With a background in fashion, Australian duo Hiball crafts undoubtedly one of the most beautiful films of the year. Colour blasts from the screen, while the lives of local teenagers and tourists intertwine.

Astres (Laura): Astres is a metaphysical journey through mourning, where knowledge and belief are shaken to their core. In this requiem — a chant to the infinite after death — Hyo-Jin is confronted with the transience of life, only to reconnect with her deceased sister.

All the Fires the Fire (Melissa): Two brothers bring their sons to hunt birds during the opening of the hunting season. A well shot and interesting depiction of masculine family dynamics during a time of loss.

Quantic Love (Jamil): Surrealist cinema has always been fascinated by the inextricable relationship between films and dream states, and Quantic Love naviges this liminal realm with a clever modern sensibility.

Progressive Touch (Yara): Michael Portnoy experiments in his film with dancers who are couples in real life. In a colorful surrealist set, they are exploring the different relationship between human sexuality and rhythmic choreography with their changing movements and gestures.

You’ll Be a Woman Soon (Patrick): A subtle film that manages without any overstatement to capture the fragility of its protagonist, a woman in a small town full of doubts on her wedding day.

The place from where I write you letters (Dianna): This incredibly tender film sends us postcards from the past from around the living room. A meditation on the changing of time, and the love that endures it.


Content warning: Graphic sexual content.


The entire Leiden Shorts programme can be found here.




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