As programmers, sometimes we agree to disagree on each other’s tastes, but these films are not to be missed.

Sisters (Stavros): Our hearts empower our fists to fight off our suppressors. Sometimes though a miracle is what we need. Here is a proposal on how to survive as a female in a man’s world.


Un cœur d’or (Heart of Gold) (Mike): Material bodies are deconstructed and repurposed in this wonderful showcase for stop motion animation's unique affective power.


O Prazer de Matar Insetos (The Pleasure of Killing Bugs) (Barbara): On a post-apocalyptic surrealist island, once nearly all insects are instinct, a nun and a priest meet.


Beat 97 (Michel): Sometimes laughter is the only way to deal with hardship. This quarantine-comedy is possibly the most relatable film coming out of the pandemic, dealing with our anxieties in a light-hearted manner.


Yo (Me) (Margo): After reading the word ‘Park’ in a Park, a semiotic trip about the meaning of words ensues, leaving us with a mini existential conundrum - What do “words” mean?! (Why do “words” exist?)


Madonna f64.0 (Melissa/Laura):

Madonna f64.0 is a film about identity, belonging and desire. When body and soul finally recognize each other within the real self, the only thing left to achieve is acceptance of/from our past.

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